Monday, May 19, 2008

The Sunday Sports

"Go Johnny. Run! Run!!" we all cried as he gave his pitiful little kick at the worn soccer ball and headed for first base. The pitcher quickly recovered the ball and headed after the little man. Johnny ran, arms flying and head over shoulder as he watched his approaching sister and ball. Through the running, laughter, and adrenalin, Johnny missed first base by a long shot and made a large U turn outside the field. His pursuer immediately slowed, yet continued to pant and threaten as she made a show of running out of breath. (Yea, we have quite the bunch of actors here.) When Johnny was 'safely' on first, Andrew stepped up to the the plate with his team cheering from the loaded bases. My team immediately dropped back into very deep field. In seconds the ball was whizzing past my ear with force that made me grateful it was out of reach. Laughing, screaming and yelling, we managed to get the ball up to our pitcher by the time the Andrew was heading for home. The ball flew for the home plate ahead of him. Pausing in stride, Andrew effortlessly leaped the passing ball and touched home. His teammates cheered and ours laughed at his fancy homecoming.

After that game (we lost), the football was pulled out teams were again divided. Andrew and Stephen verse the six of us. I'm happy to say we won, though humiliated to say it was a close call. They should have won and Andrew still playfully calls my awesome play 'cheating'.
Dad came out after that and another round of football was played, with Dad being all time QB and Johnny; all time rusher.  I wish I could have gotten some pictures of Johnny chasing Dad around in circles while Dad was trying to get an open pass to one of his players. They won that game, with us coming just short of the In-zone on our last down.

I love it when we our whole family plays together. Though there is different strategies involved to keep it even 5 yr old against 18 yr old, it is still just as fun. There was some yelling as rules were established in the beginning, but once the games would get underway, it was all laughter and screaming. It's fun having enough siblings for our own baseball team!


  1. I love doing things together as a family, and your games sure sound fun!! Hope all is going well with your wonderful homesteading family!!

    Alex ;)

  2. Our favorite is baseball! It sounds like you had a ball!(no pun intended)

    I love reading more about your family Mary! Thanks so much for sharing!



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