Saturday, May 10, 2008

Got Cats?

We do... Our oldest (and very pregnant) mama demanded to be let in the house yesterday and the girls didn't hesitate to oblige her. She knows how to do the whole birthin' thing. Lizzy tried to bring her in a few days ago and she wasn't too happy. It wasn't her time yet.

I was in my room and heard Theresa calling Annie: "She's going to have them soon, Annie!!"
Annie: "Why?"
Theresa: "Cause her water just broke.... on me."
Then, I hear Andrew asking Mom how much pizza he can have.  Mom answers, "You can have as much as you want." With that the cat gives a meow/groan (if you've ever heard a cat giving birth you'd know what I'm talking about), and Theresa cried: "I see it!" The next thing I heard was Andrew's groan, and "never mind...".

It was visible a moment later. Annie's excitement died in her mouth as she declared that Lizzy's cat gave birth to a lizard. Not really. I guess it was just an ugly baby. Annie pointed out the long tail to Theresa when they were deciding if it was cute or not.
"See? It's tail is like two inches long! ...So is it's extension cord." Sigh. After tons of litters of kittens and millions of baby farm animals, she still can't remember what a umbilical cord is! What am I going to do with that girl...? Or all those cats?!

 Anyone want one? Or two?? Oh, and we also have a litter of rabbits arriving soon, (due yesterday). Anyone up for long ears?

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  1. Your kittens are sooo cute! I love raising kittens...our now elderly cat Sox birthed a total of 17 kittens over the years we've had her. It's so much fun to watch the kittens develop and go thru all the stages of growth.


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