Sunday, May 18, 2014

This Little Blog of Mine...

With the busyness and beauty of spring having sprung up around us, I've been considering my blog in the back of my mind. Since I've been blogging for several years now, sometimes I feel like I've already said everything. I've been walking my readers through the seasons on our farm since '08 and sometimes I think my posts sound repetitive and dull…

But as I sat on the porch after our family volleyball game this evening, stroking a puppy and watching the sun set while the kids went about their farm chores, I felt so completely happy and suddenly my desire to share that was back, along with a renewal to keep up this blog. For the very same reason that I started it back in '08 and that is: sharing the joy.

When I read through old posts on my blog, I feel renewed and uplifted. From time to time, I've been encouraged from a reader saying how much my posts have inspired them. I see that as a complimentary bonus, but definitely not my primary reason for sharing. I try to share truthfully, which can sometimes be downright discouraging at times, though admittedly, I tend to feel the desire to share more when I'm in a good positive mood. ;)

 I've got a picture dump for you here, with (just a little) further ado...

 These pictures date back to include about two months worth of history. Back in the day (lol) that would mean A LOT of photos, but since we haven't had the dedication towards photography that we once had, that means only a mere 25 or so pics ;). And these are largely thanks to Lizzy, with just a little input from Steve. So thanks Liz, and now onto the sharing...

 Alright, we'll start off with a little sleepy raccoon hanging out in a tree... because why not, right?

Johnny turned 11 in March and has been spending a lot more time in the horse pen this year...

Spring sprung slowly but surely...

Of course Easter included painted eggs and (homemade) chocolate bunnies. The essentials. ;)

Earliest of the chores was to repair the greenhouse. Apparently roadside windows weren't suitable enough, and had to be replaced after water leaked into their seals and froze, slowly cracking them.

 A new frame (increasing the interior headroom) and plastic later, and we were starting seeds!

Oh, and Mom's experiments in aquaponics have been moved out here. This is a yet unfinished and experimental system and definitely a topic for its own blog post... hopefully. I think I said that before...

Also inside the greenhouse is Steve's revamped wheat grass growing system, for supplemental animal nutrition. The slanted shelves means only the top trays get water and it runs down through the rest. The huge metal roof pieces are also a big improvement to the little plastic trays for growing the wheat grass in.

Indoors we also have seeds started. You're looking at my flower starts here, but I promise we also have tomatoes and peppers, thanks to Theresa.

So Johnny's been riding Missy this spring, and thoroughly enjoying himself and his new-found four-legged freedom. 

Nut. ;)  
I mean, he likes riding, but this is a little exaggerated posing for the camera, methinks ;)

 Water. Spring means a lot of it.

Little boys love water. Girls too, apparently. And not even little ones. I think my shoes finally just dried out again... (hehee!)

Pretty photogenic Icelandic ponies.

  Got eggs?
I just heard Mom say we've never had so many, ever.

Lots of shop work goin' on too, of course. This was a pretty custom sign someone requested.

Theresa's been working like a mad woman in the gardens. She completely weeded and hauled manure on just about every bit of garden space we own, (with some help, of course).

I don't know what we'd do without her garden gumption, honestly!

 ...Annnnd these are some flowers.

 That's a chicken...

 And an Angora goat/sheep that I reeeeeally have to shear!

Along with this little girl and her itchy bum...

 Oooo and puppies! Boy have they been a fun addition to this spring.

 We only have one left now, waiting on his owners to pick him up (sniffle!!)

You simply can't walk by when this guy runs up and gives you those pet-me-puppy-eyes.

 Mother's Day didn't fail to include our first hike in the Porkies of the season.

 It was lovely, but still pretty wet. I shared a special moment with a huge old tree when I leaned my head against it and could've swore I heard a pulse, like it was breathing.

 Such high energies up there!

 My brothers are all getting so tall, I can't tell them apart from the back (that's Steve, not Andrew!)

Also on Mother's Day, Mom woke up and looked out the window to see this pretty rustic arbor that Mike made for her, adorning her garden gate. I plan to plant some climbing flowers on it. It goes without saying that she loved it.

 Lizzy's made a new riding buddy (I mean, in addition to Johnny).

The farm cat, Chubby, (I forget his real name at the moment, but he's Mike's cat, so he endures goofy nick names) loves catching a snooze on the horse's bum.

 So much sun makes a cat sleepy...

Lizzy took the camera on one of their daily rides, for your viewing pleasure...

Showing off...

Growing up fast and learning so much from his four legged friend lately.

Onward we ride, good fellows, to yonder sunset and mountains...

 And until then, farewell dear readers!

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  1. It's good to see you are back to writing :) the photos are great and I do enjoy seeing how far you've come on your farm. God bless! Sandra


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