Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring: how to put it into words?

Spring is truly so wonderful, words simply cannot do it justice. I've been wondering why, on those moments when I'm looking and taking it in, and I think that the reason is because spring is so much in the sensory, in the background, it's hard to coax it out into words.

It's in the smell: 
The bittersweet tinge of buds, mint, evergreens, grass and warm earth...

It's the sounds: 
Birds, birds, and more birds, gurgling waterfalls and branches that are finally starting to rustle again with their budding foliage.


What you feel: 
Dirt under your nails, calluses on your palms, sun on your shoulders, ache in your muscles, soft wind on your face.


What you see: 
Sprouts, buds, blossoms, babies and other signs of new life everywhere you look, horses galloping out to pasture, sheep bouncing with glee, kids running, kids riding, kids working, kids laughing (and even sometimes arguing! lol. ;).

Mom and I walked our property lines and when we got back, we were treated to the news that we had a new baby calf!

Cute little girl. Not sure on her name yet, but after Kady and her pup helped to lick her dry, she followed them around on shaky legs thinking they were her herd (too cute!!).

Puppy kisses!

Rest after so much walking.

That's all for now. Enjoy your background spring sensory!


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