Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking in the Spring

I've been thinking and really trying to put the beauty of this spring in words... its just so awesome!! Rain storms at night, bright lightning and very loud thunder, rushing happy creeks, long horse rides everyday, fresh green grass, warm sun, gentle warm breeze that dries the wet ground, outside in t-shirts, playing volley-ball, putting up laundry is even fun on a day like these! Spending the whole day outside!!! I am just in love with this spring!! We've been collecting the rain water and mostly every night we get enough water to last two days for the animals. Yes there is a LOT of mud but... things are actually drying up pretty well! :)

Went hiking for mothers day! :) It was actually REALLY awesome!!! We spotted an eagle's nest when we were on the mountain! We were looking down at it and we saw the babies and everything!!! It was super cool! Some turkey vultures came over and were circling the nest when the mama eagle was down getting food, she saw them and flew up and was chasing them away! It was really cool to watch from above!! To bad my camera battery went out, and right before we spotted the nest too! :(
This awesome mountain view is only like twenty or some miles from where we live--we can see it from our road!

I am so happy! :)

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