Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Puppies and Pictures

Ho Hey!

 Got some fun news of new pups and random pics to share with you today!

So, this little pile of adorable-ness happened...

 And yes, it was planned...

 The direct result of this:

A visit from a handsome doggy, Huey. 
Purebred English Shepherd, like our Kady... Thanks to our friend SteveyJ (Huey's owner), this guy showed up during Kady's prime window of being in heat.
 And two months later.... :)
 Eight puppies, 6 boys and 2 girls. 
3 black and white like Mom, 1 fat little version of Dad, and 4 good mixes of Mom and Dad.

 We also had two beautiful kittens born a few days before the puppies, so we have two kinds of adorableness mixing in here...

Puppy and kitten.

The light gold and the stripey blobs are the 2 sister kittens, snuggled in and sleeping with the puppies (cool and very opposite colors for kittens, huh?).

So, these squeaky and snuggly, soft blobs are a fun distraction from the never ending winter.

Some other randomness...

 In this quiet season, other little projects around the house are finally addressed, such as these rustic cabinet doors that Steve made down the hallway. 

Some of you saw that I recovered our couch with this scrappy denim throw before Christmas. I also (just finally) got around to recovering our smaller couch cushions. 

We've had several birthdays recently. Theresa and Lizzy made some beeeautiful pies for Annie's 22nd, using up some of our berries in the freezer from last summer, including our own strawberries and wild blackberries. Yummy! 

 The recent buzz was the sighting of a black bear crossing our back pasture. No camera was produced quickly enough (frankly, I think we dropped everything we were holding at the time), but the kids had fun looking at its prints in the snow the next day.

It's unusually early for them to be out of their dens--there's certainly nothing fresh to eat.

 They noted that its prints made detours to visit every pine tree in the premise, but it didn't appear to be eating anything (or even remaining long) at any of the pines. Maybe it was just looking for open ground under the pine branches? 

It was a fun uneventful adventure anyway, one that had Donna thoroughly geeking out! She was a mixture of haphazard giddiness and trepidation over the fact that her older siblings went out to look at bear tracks--omg!

Finally, some of you saw this cute upside down snowman that Donna and I made on facebook the other day...

Well, just wanted to report that it's still up, but leaning dangerously this morning. lol!

I'm eagerly awaiting his toppling cartwheel. I think it will be the first sign of spring we've had! :)

 That's all for now. Kisses!

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