Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Boy in a Tree, dear me, dear me!

Donna: "Johnee! You shouldn be in dat twee. You might fall and git huwrted."
Johnny: "I'm fine Donna, it's okay."
Donna: (sternly) "Johnee! One... Two... Free!"
Donna, frustrated, goes in search of something...

Ah, here we go!

Maybe this will teach him...



Thus the picture Stephen came outside to:

Johnny casually hanging out in the tree, while down bellow, Donna was fiercely attempting to chop through the trunk with her little wooden stick...

Ha Ha, I love it! :)

Mmm, how I wish they'd stay this young forever... :)

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  1. Ata' girl Donna!!! That'll teach him to stay away from hights! : D

    Wouldn't want to get addicted to life on the edge now! ; )


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