Monday, September 15, 2008

What's that I see? Could it be?

Fall has come to the U.P!
Slowly but surely...
One in every ten trees thinks it's getting chilly at night!
We should be in full color within a week or two. (And I'm sure that my young photographers will capture it for you all!)
The apples agree that it's time to turn red:
Our favorite thing about fall: Besides, of course, the apple pies that sister dear is currently preparing for the hungry hardworking menfolk. Gotta go chop apples, talk to you later!


  1. I'm so sorry I have not commented on your blog! I have been behind in commenting! I am so glad you commented on my ACOAH blog tho. What a pleasant surprise. :)

    I will be praying for your friend. I do hope she will be alright. :) But never despair - the Lord has EVERYTHING under control. If He allows her to come Home, then He does.

    Well, our trees have not turned colours yet, but I am waiting for them too! All of the crab apples are almost gone from the tree. Your apples look delicious. What are you going to make with them. I want to get some organic apples and make applesauce with them. I need a recipe though. Got any?!

    I am sorry your 9-foot sunflower was knocked down... We had a couple of big ones down by the barn. I love sunflowers. If we are still here next year, I am going to plant some. They are wonderful. :)

    Please keep me updated on your sister's bunnies. I'd like to know all about them! :)

    Our cat just had seven kittens today. I was holding her, and she never lets anyone hold her. Then all of the sudden, I felt something wet! It was a baby! It was the first time I have seen kittens be born. The second one died, unfortunately. But we have four girls and two boys. :) I am hoping to post pictures soon.



  2. I really like your blog! Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. how on earth are you going to eat all those apple's your going to need some help : )


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