Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Look Through My Window

I love my window! No where else can I look out and see most of the farm in one glance. I feel a burst of pride and happiness as I take in the animal pens, the woods, the volleyball net and the gardens in one swipe. I pinch myself to make sure that I'm not imagining it and it is, in fact, my home(stead). Here's a glance out my window in the spring:

(Note: Andrew milking by the wood line:)

After a rainstorm:

With the recent project of putting up the shakes on the gable ends, Dad and Andrew got a glance through our window, opposite of what I usually get to see.

A typical, messy, girly, loft bedroom, house to 3 teenagers and 'the little sister' :-)

This is where we chat about our deep and usually useless topics. (Ugly 'curtain', new one in the works).

Usually, we will just finish relating our silly stories, only to look over and see 'the little sister' in the corner with her doll houses and we realize by her look that she's overheard our whole conversation:

Looking out my window at the horses and the garden on an ordinary summer day.

The horse pen at dusk, out my window:

Out my window: Ahh, time for bed!

My window--my little niche in the world:
Oh, and this was last year before the shakes were in place (obviously).


  1. Love the view of the whole farm (homestead) from the window.

    You are so lucky to have sisters. I remember when I was little begging my parents for a sister, and praying to God for one too. But alas, two older brothers is all I have. LOL

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  2. I love coming by and seeing all the pictures you post. I really enjoy them. I should post some sometime... I just need to pick them out and upload them. Maybe some of the goats and chickens? I have a couple of the horses before they were led away from here. :( :) Some flower ones perhaps? :)

    Sorry I have not been by in awhile. I have been meaning to come by. We have three pcs online - Mom's laptop, Amanda's laptop (touch and you die), and Jocelyn's desktop. She lets me use hers, and I rarely get Amanda's. I usually only get on to blog. :) Post I mean. I mainly post at my City On A Hill blog. ( You're welcome to check it out!

    Anyways, lovely pictures. Keep posting them. I really enjoy them!



  3. Your farm looks very old fashion, like Little House On The Prairie. I like the look of it. Ours is more like an English Cottage, very shady and lots of green. I like the fact that your farm has lots of trees, I do not think I could live anywhere that didn't have trees.

    I like your room, it reminds me of my old room from when we lived in Lomimar(SP?) Cal. My two sisters and I shared a room, a very tiny room, so tiny that I slept on a hide-a-bed that was under my older sister's bed and my younger sister (who was a baby at the time) slept in a crib, that was all that fit in it. I usually played with my toys out on the porch (which was huge compared to the house) or at the huanted house in our woods (years before we moved there a mud slide brought a house from the top of the hill behind us to the base, a row of trees kept it from hitting our house, when we moved in the old house was rotted and creepy, so we called it huanted).

    Well, thank you for sharing,


  4. As a mom of two daughters (18/20) who love their little homestead life too - it's nice to see your blog!

    Love the pics!! It's inpsiring!

    Thanks so much for the comment about my winter to-do list! I'd forgotten some of the ones you mentioned!

    Best Blessings!


    Owner of Millers Grain House

    (PS: one daughter did our logo the other is my photographer)

  5. that's some window lol!


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