Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Isn't technology amazing? When Theresa milks every morning and evening, she witnesses the same 'squirt, squirt, squirt,' into the bucket, but due to this picture being taken right in the middle of the 8th of a second that it takes for the milk to fall into the bucket, we are able to see what it looks like frozen 'midstream'. Theresa especially found it amazing, commenting that it comes out so fast you couldn't ever see this with the naked eye. So, you can consider yourself privileged to see this:

A lucky girl with one of the best chores in the world:


  1. it depends on the mood your in for it to be fun i get tired just milking a couple cows with a machine : ( what about you theresa? : )

  2. I don't get tired, but then, I only milk one cow. I like milking as long as it's not fly or mud season! :-P


  3. Thanks so much for welcoming me here! I love your collage of pictures at the top of your blog header. We are getting a female dairy cow this next spring so we can eventually milk her, she will be for show (4H) also. Loved this post!

    Blessings, Julie

  4. I love to milk, although we have goats rather than cows, mainly because we don't have room for cows and I am allergic to cows milk.




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