Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures around from the farm...

Just have to show off my little slice of heaven. I'm so proud and humbled to call this place, simply: home.

Sunflowers at dusk:

Red sky at night: Sunflowers sigh in contented delight.

Here it is, our little abode (complete with messy farm-like stuff laying around, buckets, bikes, chickens etc):

Back pasture, animals grazing, winter's firewood, our two gardens (center round and upper right square):

Here's a bit of a zoom on the top of the last one:

And here's where you find us every evening... Who would have thought that a cheap volleyball net would have bought Mom and Dad so many hours of quiet evening? We sure give it a lot of heavy use!

Photo curtsy of Stephen Lund (15), who will go to any heights (literally) to get a good picture for me.


  1. good pictures stephen : )

  2. Way to go Stephen!!!! What a great brother you must be!


  3. We have a messy farm stuff in the back yard too, We keep the front clean because our house is near a road. Thanks for sharing.



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