Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here's to My Photographers!

Asking for everyone's participation and opinions on this one!!  I have here, the best 5 pictures from (a.) Michael, (b.) Theresa and (c.) Stephen's albums. We're asking that you comment with your #1 top choice from each of their albums. (Example: a: 2, b: 4, and c: 1.) Good luck to you!!

a. Michael's Album



b. Theresa's Album

2.                                                     (A Lunar Eclipse...)





c. Stephen's Album



Many thanks to my aspiring young photographers for providing me with an abundance of pictures to use on this blog! (Also thanks to Annie and Lizzy, whose albums we weren't able to show off, simply because there wasn't the space in one post!) Hope to see your opinion in the comments on this one!!


  1. A.5 B.3 C. 4

    Great job everyone!!


  2. Here are my favorites: a: 2 b: 2 c: 4

    I liked Stephen's the best--it was hard to pick just one!

  3. Michael bunny

    Therese cats on log

    Stephen sunset with clouds

    this was FUN!!!

  4. That is really hard to say, they are all so good.

    But I guess I will just have to pick.

    Michael: a.3: the motion in it is amazing. Your other ones are really good too though.

    Theresa: b, 2/4 I can't decide which I like better they are both really amazing. And the kittens are really cute too. (My how they've grown.)

    Stephen: c,1 (3 is also really gorgeous. ) They all have such bright beautiful colors.

    Whew it was hard to pick! You guys are really amazing photographers.

    That was great!




  5. Wow! I am impressed! It was a hard decision, but if I am forced to choose: a5, b4, c2.

    Keep up the great work!


    in Louisiana

  6. Thanks for sharing the phots. For Michael I pick the second photo. For Theresa #1 and for Stephen #3.

  7. a. 3

    b. 2

    c. 4

    Those are some amazing photos. Especially the lunar eclipse.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  8. Wow, thank you all for your kind participation! It's been fun watching the results come in, but we still have some ties, so if you haven't commented with your vote yet, please do! I don't envy you... It was really hard for us to choose only 5 a piece... I think I have enough photo's to do this 10 times over again (especially if we go back more then a year). Please encourage your friends to vote!

    Currently: Micheal's orange sunset, Theresa's lunar eclipse and Stephen's rainbow, all top their albums at 3 votes each.

    Thank you all!! This has been fun! :0)

  9. i like the water in michaels third one, and i like the kitten's so cute : ) in theresa's fifth one ( the first one to ), and like stephen's fifth one nice picture stephen ; )

  10. a. 3

    b. 1

    c. 3

    Great job!!

  11. A.1, B.5, C.1

    That was fun.


  12. k, like that was really hard.

    for a. michael,

    i think 1) the bunny is the most adorable (i'd like to see if that lil guy has a nose -- kinda looks like he ran into a tree head-on, and 5) the sun comin or goin is the most inspirational, and i sure dunno how you got the water to stand up so straight in your bathtub, so 3) is the most creative and i reckon 2) is the most unique as i've never seen an orange sky weep before, but bygolly, my vote goes to 4) the dead spider on the rock -- the coolest pic ever!

    for b. theresa,

    i think 3) the horseys in the field is the most serene -- nice piece of foreground in the lower left -- very professional, and 2) the lunar thingy the most interesting -- nice shot!, and 4) is the most baffling -- i'd like to see those cloud formations up close (please email the full-scale orig), 5) is the most unique, as you'll never get another shot like that, but I'd sure have to say that my vote goes to 1) the belching bear -- the coolest pic ever!

    and for c. stephen

    i think 1) the bee stuck in that purple thingy is the scariest -- there seems to be a lot of detail you caught in the bug -- nice macro shooting! and i think that 5) is the most motivating -- sure has some awesome colors in the sky -- ya sure don't see that much around here and 3) the purple flowers shot is the most crisp -- you could sell that one to national geo -- the backgnd is just as clear as the foregnd, again, great macro shooting! also, the backgnd is so contrasting to the foregnd as in rustic and soft; masculine and feminine -- all-around great composure! and 4) the rainbow is nice shot, pretty strong colors in the bow, but i'll tell ya what, that numba 2 surely gets my vote as you have combined an awesome time of day with the coolest fence ever!

  13. That's a hard decision to make! They are all so pretty. I myself in the favour of the rabbit one (I LOVE rabbits! I have one...) and the beautiful flowers and the sunset ones. But it is hard to choose!

    I was looking don through your posts before commenting, and saw you guys have horses, or Icelandic ponies, whatever you call them. But they are very pretty, both of the ones I saw. How many do you all have?

    And you have 50 acres? Whoa! I would love to have that many... right now, we are on 2 1/2 acres. We have a big red barn, and a 100 year old house. We are planning to move, and want a little more than 2 1/2 acres. We were hoping we could get at least 10 acres, if not more. We have 7 Nubian goats, about 54 chickens, and two dogs, two cats and I have a Himalayan rabbit named Daisy. I saw a picture of a goat in your header; do you have goats? if so, what breed are they? And how many do you have?

    Do you raise rabbits? Do you have a lot of experience in raising them? My rabbit is full grown, about 2 1/2 years. I am not sure her birthday. But any info would be helpful to me. I got her in the beginning of this year. I did keep two wild cottontails in the house before I got her. They were WILD. They scratched me up pretty good! But they are gone now...

    Your garden looks good! Ours is pitiful. We went on vacation in June and so we didn't get hardly anything in it. Just some tomato plants and about four rows of potatoes. I know, it's pitiful compared to yours. Do you guys buy organic? We do. Home-grown, organic... is what we are trying to do. :)

    Do you have sheep and cows too? I thought I saw a picture in your header of them. (Of course, they may not be your pictures! haha!)

    Well, I am sorry for such a long comment. When I leave the next one, it will be shorter!

    Hope you have a great everning!



  14. It was difficult to decide because of the high quality of all of the photos.

    My vote:

    A. 2

    B. 1

    C. 4

    Thanks for sharing!


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