Friday, August 22, 2008

Been Crafty...

Some recent projects I've been working on...

A hanging kitchen towel dispenser:

I got the idea from a picture of a cloth diaper dispenser that I found online. I made it out of an old jumper of Mom's.

One of my favorite things to do is to make quilt blocks for that 'someday quilt.'

Weee! Ice skating Sunbonnet Sue block. (Looks much better when ironed .)

When I'm not doing anything else, I try to occupy my fingers with knitting. These are winter farm chore socks for Michael. They're very soft and extremely warm! I finished these yesterday and Andrew's the week before. The newly spun yarn for Stephen's pair is currently getting its twist set. I should be able to get my fingers busy on it soon!

I made this awhile ago and have plans to turn it into a couch pillow. I still need to do the moon and embroider stars.


  1. What wonderful things you have been busy crafting!!! I love the idea of the towel dispenser. I used to have a diaper dispenser like that one and already got rid of it. LOL But now it makes me want to look out for one at a garage sale or the Thrift Shop.

    Oh, I love your other projects as well, the moose is adorable, and I love the heart for the someday quilt.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  2. Mary, this is Aunt Mary beaming from ear to ear! I am so pleased to see such talent and resourcefulness. I have a lot of fabric for you...

  3. Wow Mary that is so cool. A towel dispenser how very ingenious!!!!The pillow is so cute.:)

    That inspires me to do some sewing! ( Though let's see how I feel after a few days... :P :)

    Very cool!

    <3 Jules

  4. So pretty! Nice job.



  5. whoa it looks like you have been busy


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