Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gunnar's Birth Pictures and more baby animals...

Another big baby animal pictures download for your enjoyment. We're sure enjoying our baby animals this spring--thought you guys should at least get a small share of all the cute!!

Beware of unedited horse birthing pictures!! Scroll down for the cute clean-baby ones! ;)

 This is Stephen's horse Perla, giving birth to a little boy, Gunnar. She was born on our farm as well (see her birth pictures here!).

"Hey there!"

Licking him off.

Getting up.

Shaky legs!

All clean and fuzzy!


So precious!

 Here's some more baby animal pictures...

 Zelia is getting big. Andrew says her face is really cute and sassy looking. ;P

Lizzy's mare, Starlight, and baby, Stella.

Theresa's mare, Sunny, and baby, Kara.

Stella is among the most photographed, since Lizzy wields a camera. :)

Stretching little legs!

Steve, the proud daddy.

 Lizzy riding Starlight.

Romping in the back field.

 There's your dose of baby animal cuteness! Thanks for taking a peek :)


  1. love the photos! your children are just like my youngest daughter--all riding bareback! love it!

    1. Yes, they hate saddles. They prefer to develop their 'seat' with balance instead of relying on cinches and stirrups to stay on.

  2. Great photos! My children would love Gunnar - so cute! :)


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