Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yeah, Forest Princess, I'll go with that. :)

The summer winds have breathed life back into our forests. Favorited places now look completely different. Sunlight speckles the forest floor through a swaying canopy of leaves. Twigs and vines that used to sit in silence now have a voice of their own as the wind rushes through their leaves. Ferns fill the space between ground and branch with a cooling presence of their own; like the swaying fans that  used to shade royalty upon their thrones. 

The wind rushing up from the forest feels both purified and electrified, as though breathing that air could grant you the gift of eternal youth. Damp and cool, it is fragrant with a host of numerous sweet and refreshing smells. Dewdrops back-lit with morning sun, sparkle like a string of diamonds lacing the edge of every one of the millions of leaves throughout the forest. Flowers dance on their stems, as though giddy with the opportunity to bloom.

All this I notice in a brief glance as I jog by, but the knowledge that all that beauty was created for us: our enjoyment, makes me smile to myself. It's so dense, a deer jumps lightly into the woods ahead of me and is immediately swallowed by the forest's deep leafy shadows. The eyes of different wild critters could be watching me from behind every tree and I'd never know. Some people may shudder at the thought of entering such places, but I don't. I feel like it was created for my enjoyment and I have nothing to fear from my own realm.

When I wander under the canopy of leaves, through flowers ferns and streams, I feel like a regal queen. The Forest Queen. Hmm, that title sounds a bit old. Maybe, I'll deem myself the Forest Princess instead. I'll have to remember that next time I coronate myself with flowers on the creek side. ;)

Hope you all have a beautiful week. Don't forget to peer at the nature beauty around you--it was created for your enjoyment after all! :)


  1. Thanks for the update, Mary! We enjoy hearing what's going on in your world. Beautifully written!

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