Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Backlog of Babies..

Hey Readers!

 The baby animal pictures are really starting to pile up around here, so I'm gathering 'em all together and stickin' 'em up here for your enjoyment enjoy! ;)

To start, we have a trio of baby bunnies from Theresa's rabbit hutch. I think these are the first bunnies that we actually arranged for--not the result of a jail (hutch) break out. lol!

For those of you who follow me on facebook, you saw that one was pink... Well he/she is clearly white now, and may have red eyes. They're too young to be sexed yet.

 The other morning, Theresa went out to do farm chores and, after days of sitting around waiting and watching her horse in the pasture, she noticed Sunny was in labor! It was quick and easy, with beautiful rewards. Theresa was ridiculously happy. :D

Hello there...

It's a girl!

It was so beautiful how easily Sunny welcomed Theresa's presence into that moment.

She was born on May 2nd, right after another spring blizzard (almost all melted already though!).

She's a gaited curly bashkir/Icelandic, sabino coloring which means she looks like she has white paint splashed up her legs and belly. She's miss personality plus. Check out that crazy spiral snip running up her nose!

The happy little family.

Her name is Kára (pronounced Ki-ra) which means 'curly horse' in Icelandic.

Next up, we had a baby cow born on the 27th of April.

Another girl. We are on such a roll with the girls--yea!

Steve was elected for the wipe-down-disinfect-umbilical-cord dude.

Tempting as it is to leave 'em on the Momma, we've found life much easier to just wean our caves right away and feed them Momma's milk from a nipple bucket. (Yes, that's a goat at Andrew's feet... he thinks he's one of the family. He even manages to sneak into the house now and again.)

Transporting to the baby barn!

And just a day or two later, the dreaded horn burning cap of shame. 
A duct taped cap keeps them from getting any of the burn paste on themselves.

And then, finally, this morning (May 5th), we had another baby horse born!

Meet Stella, our first bay horse ever (omg!)

Lizzy's mare, Starlight, had a (oh yes!!) girl! :D

Cute or what??

Her name, Stella, means Starlight in Icelandic (Mommy's name!)

And yes, we still have some preggo mares yet! Steve is certain that his mare, Perla (black one on right... no, the mule is not pregnant) is going to have the cutest one, so he took this picture of her belly to remind us all that hers will be the cutest (ah yes, the annual 'wars of the cutest baby' contest has begun...)

Finally, here are some of our baby lettuce greens in the greenhouse.

Steve's wheat grass operation in the greenhouse.

Theresa's baby tomato starts.

 That's all the babies I have to report for now. If you want to keep up with the ongoing 'cutest baby war' (wink), keep up with me on facebook.



  1. So adorable!!! Tell me when Steve's mare foals! I'm interested to see if the foal will be the cutes :) Thanks for all the great pictures! Love your farm!

    Do you raise goats?

  2. I am always so happy to hear of your families antics. It gives me thrills to see such happiness.


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