Monday, April 22, 2013

April blizzards bring May snowbanks

 Would you just look at this??
It's a drift left over from our last blizzard, AND there's another one on the way.
(The disturbance you see in the middle of the drift is where Lizzy tackled Michael during morning farm chores--if nothing else, fresh snow is always good for that.)

 This is what I'm pining for, in my dreams, our garden fence to look like:

And this is what it looks like in reality:

 I should be mad. Frustrated or annoyed at least. But I'm not. I'm actually finding the combination of the April 22nd date on the calender and the 13inches of snow predicted for tonight almost humorous... in a weird sort of way. Either that or I'm quite possibly going hysterical over it. ;)


At least there is sunshine in between the blizzards, with cute animals that never seem to lose their play (no matter the weather) and persistent robins in the trees. 

The baby goats and Kady play like litter-mates during the morning farm chores.

 "Spider! Eeeeek!"

I'm surviving this ridiculous excuse of a spring by finding quiet sanctuaries to meditate and write, like this one overlooking the river.

My critique partner (always nearby) falls asleep listening to an early draft (better ditch that one).

After spending an hour in this peaceful environment, with the sun on my face, my mood is considerably lifted and strong enough (though temporarily) to withstand any kind of weather. 

Well spring, who's laughing now?!
...Oh yea, I guess I am. ;)


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