Monday, December 17, 2012

We love our animals--Advent week 3

Hello again faithful Readers!

 I'm sorry for being late on our third Sunday of Advent. It was also Donna's 4th birthday on Sunday, which was very exciting for everybody. We enjoyed having some new friends over, eating good food and showering our spoiled youngest with lots of homemade gifts. We had jello topped with cream cheese and fruit for Donna's birthday 'cake' and lit our 3rd candle while enjoying it...

"The third Light of Advent, It is the light of beasts:
The Light of faith that we may see In greatest and in least."
(borrowed from the waldorf school)

Theresa and SteveyJ whittled this adorable Momma and baby set, sanded and painted them to perfection. Absolutely love them!

Celebrating animal life on Donna's birthday seemed like a good fit. I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have animal life surrounding us all the time. A field with horses and cows, a yard with chickens and a walk with a dog trotting along just emanates so much more life!
Yum! look at that smile; yum!
Today, Andrew and I, along with the two youngest for approval and the dog for her emanating life, ;-) spontaneously went out and selectively harvested a lovely Christmas tree.

It's not the normal kind of traditional tree, but the change is nice. 
It's big and beautiful and yet undecorated...

I spy with my little eye, two little feet just standing by...

Seven days to Christmas.  Eeek! Gotta go sew! ;)

How are your Christmas preparations going?

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