Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick and Cute Christmas Decor to make with kids!

Can you believe I found a moment to make extra decorations with Donna, and then blog about it in the middle of the week before Christmas when I'm supposed to be making handmade gifts? Neither can I. But see, that's the beauty of these little decorations--they are SUPER quick to put together!

I do these every year with our leftover decorations and Donna loves to help. They're perfect for kids and they take only minutes.

You'll need: 
-Some pretty glass jars or vases of various sizes.
-Small evergreen clippings. 
(Different types of greenery is good. We always use the leftover tree and wreath making trimmings.)
-Pine cones of various shapes and sizes.
-Left over ornaments, beads, tinsel, garland, or anything red or gold that is sparkly and pretty.
-Ribbon in different colors.
-At least one cute little kid in the Christmas spirit (note the hat she's been wearing all week ;).


Organize the evergreen together with the pine cones, bulbs and beads inside the the jar. Try to arrange so that the prettiest items are on the outside where they can be seen through the glass.

I like to start with some beads and a big pine cone or bulb in the bottom of the jar, and then stuff it full with evergreen before finishing it off with some more beads and small pine cones. 

Check out that smile. I'm telling you, this is fun kid (and big person) Christmas stuff!

Finish off the jars with pretty bows (attached with craft wire) and then place them throughout the house; on end tables, windowsills, in bathrooms, etc. It's a great way to spread a little Christmas all around with their prettiness and wonderful smell!

So proud! And this after helping Momma to make some yummy chocolate doughnuts!!

I hope you try making some of these! Let me know if you do--they're so much fun!

Oh, and yes, we got our tree trimmed and our stockings and wreaths hung. The house smells like Christmas cookies, the carols are on replay on every tongue and the workshop and our room have been locked off with secrecy.... Mmm, Christmas! Here are some pictures:

Steven working on a rush dollhouse order in the midst of the decorating!

 Aaaaand, here's our pretty tree!
(Any ideas as to what kind of tree it is? We've been trying to figure it out. Michael was looking it up online and when Dad asked him if he knew what kind it was, he said: "Yup. A green kind.")

 Blizzarding out there tonight. Stay warm and merry! 

I'm off to steal a nibble from some fresh baked cookies and then back to my crafting.

What are you doing tonight??


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  3. The branches really look a lot like long-needle or longleaf pine. If they were more spread out/fanned, and had a kind of wrinkled bark, they'd look like Ponderosa, but those are kind of limited to the Western US. Long-needle pine is also rather limited to the southeastern US, but might survive planting elsewhere, too.

    Growing up in Eastern Oregon, we used to use Ponderosa needle clusters as whisk brooms in our outside playhouses.

    I like the kid-crafting! Littles like to be involved, and that's a lovely way to do it!


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