Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fourth Sunday of Advent--The Miracle of Human Life!!!

Gosh, I am so excited to be writing this post tonight! It's an amazing, happy night and an amazingly awesome thing we're celebrating today on the last Sunday of Advent; the miracle of human life!!!!

This detailed carving that Theresa did of a family celebrating an unborn life, as well as their toddler playing on the ground, is the most beautiful thing ever... I  just can't stop smiling at it...

This celebration is especially meaningful to me today, with the news that a friend of mine just had her baby a few days ago!! I've been so happy today with that news! She will be one of three friends who are celebrating Christmas with a new baby on their knee this year, which is so awesome, and we are also awaiting the news of a new cousin due tomorrow! Ahh, so many babies!! :D :D 

We have so many treats going on right now, it's almost hard to choose which to eat with our celebration tonight, but I think we've decided on more fudge. ;)

"The fourth Light of Advent It is the Light of humankind:
The Light of hope, of thoughts and deeds,
The Light of hand, heart and mind."
(Borrowed from: the Waldorf School )

Check out all those presents that have been piling up under the tree within the past few days!! While us girls try to be fancy and traditional with our wrappings, the boys find such cute and creative ways to compete with our fluffy bows; we have bows made of duct tape and funny name tags such as: 'the beautiful sister' and 'the queen'. Every added package brings a new giggle and more puzzlement and  anxiousness for Christmas to get here!

Stay tuned! I'll be back in a few days with the results of this year's handmade Christmas! :D

Off to chow some fudge. You all have an awesome Christmas!!


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