Monday, August 20, 2012

Funny Farm Toy Barn Featured!

Hey Readers!

Just thought I'd invite you to share in our fun of being featured in this months issue of artizen magazine! It's an online magazine, so you can check it out and read from my interview HERE.

 Corn processing, blackberry picking, a horse back ride and a mushroom hunt occupied today's afternoon. I'm negligent with the pictures, but I'm sure you'll believe me when I say it was a lovely day! ;)


  1. Mary, I just looked at your wonderful workshop and I would like to encourage you all. PLEASE MAKE SOME CHEESE PRESSED FOR LARGER CHEESES LIKE 4 pounds. They are terribly priced if you can find them and they probably sell.

  2. so exciting, mary! it was formatted and worded very well. I want to see the busking barn vids now, and maybe some of your cob cottage work/ideas. ;)


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