Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yarn Along: Feb. 8th

Popping in today, joining Ginny over at Small Things, to share what I've been knitting and reading lately:
Knitting is some lace work experiments... the one you see started is a test about to be pulled out and started over, due to a few minimal mistakes... I don't want to waste my silk/Romney lace yarn on anything less than perfection! Besides, it's all a learning experience anyway. I don't have the need for the finished lace yet (someday I will!), I just have the desire to know how to do it plaguing me right now...

The evening reading right now is the Ranger's Apprentice book 2, The Burning Bridge. I read this series some time ago, when the boys got into them, and am now reading them again, this time aloud to Johnny and Lizzy, who are just loving them. Johnny is rarely seen outside without his bow these days and I'm growing sick of hearing, "I want to be a Ranger, Mary!" ...doesn't seem to matter how many times I explain to him that they're a fictional group.  ;)

Despite the spooky looking cover, these books are pretty light reads, with enough action to appease the boys and just enough light, childish romance to bring the girls along as well. ;) I highly recommend. John Flanagan is an excellent author and Lizzy has already gleaned many tips from his colorful style of writing that she has been applying to the writing of her own novellas.

I'll be chatting more with you all soon! :o)


  1. The Ranger series is very good. I'm also rereading - waiting for Book 3 from the library.

  2. I had to laugh, I've never actually finished a lace project either, although my knitting guru is amazing with lace and keeps me wishing I had the patience to perfect it! I agree on not wanting to waste gorgeous yarn on anything less than perfection!

  3. I do understand about practicing to make something perfect before using the 'good' yarn. I think it's just a smart move .

    My son read the Ranger books a loved them all.

    Happy Yarn Along.

  4. Intriguing lacey knitting. I admire you testing it out first. Look forward to seeing what you end up knitting. Not heard of the Ranger series. I'll go take a look.

  5. I have not read the Ranger series, thank you for your review!
    Love the looks of the lace knitting.


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