Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lil' Prairie Princess

My little sister is a princess. 
The kind that can twirl her faded jean skirt round and round until it turns into a dazzling full ball gown. Hers is a magical world, where the long open field becomes a royal hall filled with dancing lords and ladies. The yellow and red trees edging the field are the mighty golden and ruby pillars holding up a ceiling so high and majestic, that birds fill its endless eves. The color of the ceiling fades from a deep magnificent blue on one end of the hall, to a perfect pale blue on the other end. Fluffy white clouds drift and swirl across the ceiling with such color and depth that no artist could paint. Leaves fill the sky and float down around her like droplets of pure gold creating the perfect mat on which little royal slippered feet may dance. A brilliant brightly colored rainbow bending down from the sun into the pasture looks like the light from the worlds most amazing chandelier, lighting the dance floor for the princess to preform. 

A gentle wind shuffling the trees and bending the grass becomes music, expertly preformed and so mesmerizing to the ears that one can not help but dance to its tantalizing rhythm. A shaggy pony threatening to draw the princess from her magical world with a nudging on her arm, is suddenly a mighty white steed with long flowing mane and tail who is just waiting at the princess's beck and call, to lope over mountain and hillside with the little lady perched femininely on her back.

Another peal of music coaxed forth from beautiful old instruments by the calloused fingers of expert musician's, leaves no choice for the listener but to once again fall into step, silk gowns twirling about ankles as the princess spins and spins in her majestic world.

Maybe it's the season, where winters cool breath turns ordinary trees to gold and works it magic creating magnificent displays of color from sky to ground everywhere you look. One can not help but feel like a princess while standing in the midst of such glory and knowing that she owns such riches. 

Perhaps this is why, when I saw Lizzy dancing and twirling in the field the other day, I could so accurately read her thoughts... That and the fact that we often share stories while working in the garden together and I know the way her mind works.... and why shouldn't it? :-)

Sometimes adults tend to think that kids live in a delusional world, but personally I think theirs is the more accurate view on the world.

(Btw, I got Lizzy's approval before posting this... when I asked her what she thought, she scrunched her nose and turned bright red... I said, "what? are you embarrassed?" and she said, "no, it's just creepy how you can read my thoughts like that!" LOL!)


P.S. I thought this commercial the boys made for GE and starring Lizzy, fit with the theme of this post really well! Check it out: (Original piano score by Annie!)

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    Mary, your writing is absolutely stunning!
    Lizzy, your thoughts are so perfect!
    Video-makers and pianist your video is amazing!!
    You guys are just too amazing sometimes. (It must be that homestead life, fostering so many brilliant, beautiful minds. :P :)
    (btw... is that video a commercial? What does GE stand for. Is it actually going on tv?)


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