Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun in the Back Field

Hey guys!
I'm Mary's eleven year old sister, Lizzy :). It's nice to talk to you again.
You know me, my fort, sure ya do.
Anyway, I want to tell you guys about how pretty life is in the field—mostly gorgeous for me, so let's see if it's the same for you.
I like it because when I go out there I feel free, not like I'm not already :). But it's just so... when the wind blows, and just... all the horses come to greet you, I just feel so alive, with all the birds singing in the trees.. it's just so like safe and at home.. okay, to tell you the truth, it's like a dream in the fall. I feel so happy when I go out there, I feel like I have to do some spins on the way out.
Then when I'm out there enjoying the horses' company, I like to thank God for everything, especially Donna, my one year old sister, Perla, a half Icelandic pony that is now one year old, and my dream one day is to gallop through the fields with her.

So that's my story for you. I'm going to go and run in the field.
Have a great day.
Lizzy :)

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