Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful Kids...

Hey You All!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary typing away here, on behalf of the younger dudes.... Maybe it was butchering the bird yesterday (a very satisfying feeling btw!) that had me thinking on the upcoming holiday. I hope this isn't too premature, but I thought it would be sweet to share what the younger kids are thankful for this year.

Johnny is thankful for:

1. God

2. Donna

3. My brothers and sisters

4. To be able to play with Lizzy and Donna

5. To have a farm

6. For Puff and Purr

7. For Mom

8. For our Family

9. To be able to play in snow!

10. To be able to eat. :)

Lizzy is thankful for:

1. Charity and love in our family.

2. My sisters and brothers who play with me all the time.

3. The farm and how much joy it grows in our family.

4. The beauty in our family and gardens.

5. God

6. All the animals and our healthy food.

7. For Perla.

8. Not having to go to school!

9. A big lake that we can go swimming in when it gets hot.

10. For being able to go sledding and skating.

Michael is thankful for:

1. My parents

2. My siblings

3. My animals.

4. For being homeschooled

5. For living such a great way

6. For creation and our souls.

7. For life.

8. Good looks. (laughing :) (and I might add, that I'm thankful for brother's sense of humor!)

9. My bed.

10. Cute sisters! (No I didn't tell him to say that! He's laughing and patting my shoulder... I'm groaning. :-P Little brothers! Oh whaddya gonna do? :)

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