Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cute Baby... good for a chuckle or two :)

Hey out there!

 I've been getting questions regarding our latest hobby of commercial making. Thought it was about time I explained...

As ya all can imagine, this homesteadin' lifestyle ain't always the most profitable business, so we're always scroungin' for odd jobs and small ways to make money on the side. Most of these opportunities are a lot of hard work and since our farm and its abundant work is where we really want to be putting our efforts into growing bright futures... that's tough. So, when Andrew stumbled across this site that watches and manages commercial contests going on on the web, offering decent to good cash prizes, we joined on. It's a good opportunity for us because movie making is something we love doing. It's fun verses being labor intensive, so to be doing it for a potential money making purpose is great! Whenever there's a commercial need posted that's up our alley, we chat about it a lot as a group while digging potatoes or working on the barn and get our creative juices flowing and then collaborate on something that we can do quick and easy in the evenings.

So far, we have yet to win something, but we're hopeful. The Sthil commercial will be picking finalists after Nov. 1st. ...We're kinda thinkin' we lost that one to somebody with much better equipment. Our viral cow vid lost out in the finalist choices. Then that nature commercial I posted in my last entry we were forced to submit late... so not sure if that one will even make it into the draw. Then we filmed these four Etrade baby commercials for, you guessed it, Etrade! These are just ideas and concepts for Etrade. If they bought any of them, they would be redoing them with their babies.

So, I just thought I'd explain and just for the chuckle of seeing a really cute baby in action, thought I'd share these:

Puppet Skills:

A Little Counseling:

The Cute Factor:

Delusions of Stardom:

So, that's what we've been up to lately. If you could spare a prayer that we can win a commercial once in a while, we'd be grateful. :) I'll keep you all updated on our wins and losses. Oh, and one last favor, if you could, please share which one of these you found to be the funniest??

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