Saturday, September 25, 2010

All About Donna!

This is Johnny... HI!

Um, let's talk about a blog post about Donna... She likes apples. She likes flowers. Donna likes her sister, Theresa. Donna likes to play. Donna is cute. Donna smelled her feet and we all laughed. Theresa, her sister, told her to smell her feet and she said, "no". She also danced. When Michael brings in the milk she says: "gilk, gilk, gilk!" Donna is so funny. Oh, Donna was running once and tripped on a balloon and it popped. One time when we were bike ridding, Michael sat back and Donna acted like she was getting squished, lol! ...cause... she was. Donna was swimming in the beach... and almost fell in! Donna likes pretty, pretty's, like, flowers. Oh, I got a good one, Mary plants flowers and Donna helps her. Oh, and I got another good one, Donna called Dad a bear. :)

Well, I gotta go, bye!

p.s. We were picking out the pictures for this post and Donna came over and said, "aww, cute!"

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