Monday, July 7, 2008

Rejuvenating One's Soul on the Homestead

I have been musing lately about how each of us children have our own way for rejuvenating our souls on the homestead.

For me, it is, without doubt, picking flowers. Nothing lifts my spirits more than combining a small amount of all of God's magnificent colors into a little bundle and bringing it inside our little four walls. Then I have to smile at them every time I walk by. They're just so real! I love how they can single handedly and magically brighten the room!

(My flower pot.)

I've noticed for Annie, it's her kittens. When she gets worn out, she'll be out on the front porch playing with her cats and kittens, talking to them, giving them little voices and referring to herself as "Mama." She always has to have one under her arm or in her coat pocket.

(Annie working with kittens in her apron pockets.)

Theresa will, most definitely grab one of her bunnies and go for a walk in the back pasture. Or she may leave her bunnies pouting in their hutch and come back from her walk with her pony between her legs. I can honestly say she's a sweeter person when she gets back.

(Theresa taking her bunnies for a walk.)

For Lizzy, it's ANIMALS. It will be kittens, bunnies, sheep, or horses. As long as it has four legs and enjoys her attention, she'll shower it on them. I used to wonder if she likes the animals on this farm better than her siblings, as they seemed to be her preferred company. Now, however, she seems to be finding her place in the clique of girls and likes to hang out with us more and more.

(Lizzy and Mr. White)

Johnny will be on his bike!! No matter what mood he's in or what time of day it is, he will faithfully ride his little two wheeler across the bumpy terrain of the barnyard. He'll groggily clog down the stairs in the morning and head for the door to ride his bike while the older kids do their farm chores, instead of eating his breakfast. We'll call him in at dusk to say night time prayers and he'll still be playing on his bike. He finds it terribly cool to be able to ride a two wheeler at five (thanks to 7 patient siblings willing to teach him).

(Johnny riding his trusty little bike.)

I don't think the older boys need alone time as much, as they have a lot of it when they're out doing their work. 50 acres and animals provides the perfect setting to get away, whether to look for adventure or just to be alone.

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  1. I had a wonderful time reading this post and "meeting" each of your children and their favorite homesteading thing!!! What a wonderful way to introduce us to your children and your homestead at the same time.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo


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