Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Updates from the Week...

A little pictorial update on our week:

First, we started off our week with a nice visit from our relatives. It has been two years since we touched base with them, so that was nice.

I was so happy to find that my Morning Glories finally came in bloom earlier this week. I started them from seed back in March. They were almost two weeks late in blooming time and I was starting to wonder if they were going to show their pretty faces at all. They did! My only disappointment is that the blossoms don't seem to last long before they fall off. To any Morning Glory growers out there: is this normal? Or can I attribute it to the high winds we've been having?
Aren't they pretty though?

The boys go through phases of sword play (what boy doesn't?). This week was a big phase. They both built new swords for themselves and their younger two siblings. And yes, poor Lizzy is a sword fighter, too... I can't blame her though—it's lots of fun!! ( teehee!)

Theresa spent two days this past week shaving her rabbits. Her buck had acquired a lot of mats over the winter. I think she's going to be more diligent about brushing him now that she's experienced what it's like to shave a rabbit. Tedious! He's quite... strange... looking now... Imagine a bald bunny with a fuzzy head... only worse.

The men didn't get too much work on the cabin done this week, due to a lot of storms between the rain and wind. They did, however, get the fascia done around the house. (The brown metal bellow the roof.)

The week was completed with a trip to the lake Sat. night for baths. Brr! There were big waves though, and we just love those! None bigger than 3ft this time, but it's still enough to knock you over if your not paying attention. Fun!

I want to apologize for the abundance of pictures in my posts. I want to use less because I'm worried about the page loading slowly (has anyone had a problem with this??), but I can never seem to downsize. I'm always thinking of pictures that would work well here or there... I will try more diligently if this is becoming a problem for anyone with a slow internet connection...?


  1. I love all the pictures, it heps me to feel more like I am there with you... it doesn't make my computer load slow. Thanks for the update, your posts are always nice.

    I just wish I could make such nice posts on my blog... :P



  2. I agree- the pictures are wonderful and I would miss them!

  3. no it connects easy i like the pictures to : )

  4. I found you again. I was afraid I had lost you. No the pictures are great and I look forward to them every time I see your posts come up on my email.


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