Friday, July 4, 2008

Patriotic on the Fourth

Hail for the Red, White and Blue!

We even found our brothers being patriotic!

We had to get our youngest sister in too, and later found she was wearing red, white and blue!
This is quite a natural setting for little Liz to be found in... (I have to proudly add that that's my horse on the left.)

Thank goodness Andrew doesn't goof around in patriotic colors and still gets work done on the Holidays.

He's almost done with the shakes on the house.

And the guest cabin is coming along smoothly.

They started putting up the vertical logs last night.

Now, even though we don't do fireworks or barbecues on the fourth, we have several reasons to celebrate.

1. Mom is four months along, and has started feeling the baby!

2. My little doggy Molly, turned 6 this month!  (Pictured with us in 2 of the red, white and blue pics.)

3. Today is the anniversary of the day that Mom and Dad met 22 years ago!


  1. Hmmm... lovely post Mary!

    I can hardly say that I am that patriotic or color coordinated, but it sure looks good on you guys. Hope you have a nice 4th of July, celebrating all of those things. :)


  2. LOL. We're normally not that patriotic either, and never do anything for the fourth. I guess I started it this morning, with choosing to wear the red head band. :-)

  3. Lovely pictures, Mary! That last picture... I can see where all you kids get your dashing good looks. :-)


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