Friday, August 21, 2015

Bun House, yup, yup!

 Eh, wassat? Who a' dare?

Oh, it's you peoples... Yeah, dey tol' me you be coming to see my new flat.
Well, jes' moved in, so it's pretty bare yet. Yup, yup. Dis is da bedroom. 

My ears don't have ta bend when I go through da door, so that's vewy convenient for somebunny what has long ears, yup.

 Unless I stand up... den I can't fit da door.

 ...Upstairs, yup, yup.

Actually dis is de upstairs too ... dang dare's a lot of stairs in this place!
*bunny panting*

 It's quite a... *gasp* ... workout.

Once yer up here, it's a great perch for people or bunny watching...

 Okay, das all, yup, yup, now go away and leave a fat bunny in peace!

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