Friday, September 11, 2015


I'm wearing a hoodie and sipping apple cider, but that by no means makes it feel fall-ish around here. 

This is what it's like around here: 

 It's that time of year: washer machine apple juicing!!


Lizzy's been very creative through her camera lens.

For our part, music has been the creative high around here. I'm sharing video snippets on our facebook page when I have the time, so you can hop over there for a listen if you're in the mood.

Harvest season has our kitchen overflowing with baskets of cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, apples, zucchini, berries and all sorts of other random things waiting to be processed into different concotions to be consumed during the winter. It's a busy season, made all the better by apple juice! :)

All for now!

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