Friday, June 3, 2011

With just a knife...

Hey guys!

Yesterday, while I was doing my dishes, I was listening to Mary and John-Bob's conversation about being productive.
John: "I can't, I don't know how." So, Mary suggested that he should go spend a week in the woods alone to find food for himself and make arrows to defend himself in the woods, that way people would respect him more and trust that he can do it.
Johnny: "That would be fun!"
Mary: "You want to?"
Johnny: "Yeah, that would be fun. Besides, I know Kung Fu."
Mary: "Okay."
Johnny: "Okay."
Mary: "Okay."
Johnny: "Okay."
Mary: "Then go."
Johnny: "Can I get my blankets, food and my knife?"
Mary: "No, that would defeat the purpose. You'd have to go alone, boy!"
Johnny: "Can I bring my knife?"
Mary: "Okay."
He went upstairs to get a little pocket knife and came back down.
Johnny: "Hmm, it's smaller then I remember."
But he left anyway. Twenty minutes later, he was back wanting a bigger knife. The boys said no. :)
Poor kid.

When I finished my dishes, I got the idea to take my dog down to the cabin with a knife, 'just a knife', and make a bow and arrow down there!

First, I found a stick with nice strong bark on it to make the stretchy part on it. 

Then I peeled it and took the peeled part for the bow.

Next, I put little knobs on the ends and tied the bark in the knobs so it stays.

Then for the arrow part, I took a branch that was in the bow stick and peeled it.
I sharpened the end...

I wanted to add some leaves on the end of the arrow like feathers. I took the bark that was on the stick before I peeled it and tied it around the stick and the stem of some leaves.

It's done!

It looks cool and it was fun to make, but it doesn't shoot very far.

P.S. If you were wondering: when I came back inside Johnny was sitting on a chair in the living room. :)

Oh, and apologies for the lack of posts the last two days... we've been busy planting fruit trees and transplanting things from the green house.

Have a good day!


  1. Very nice bow and arrow, Lizzy!! I really liked it!! I liked the idea of using the bark peelings as the string, I haven't tried that before!!


  2. Pretty nice for a crude bow!

  3. I agree with you, it looks neat. Maybe the next one will shoot farther. *smile* Several natural beauties show Gods amazing power and in my oppinion thunder and lightning are two of them. You all got some GREAT shots! Love the family band hanging out together, that is wonderful! I enjoy playing music, went from drum focus to smaller instruments like the alto saxiphone and keyboard. *smile* I still tap the steering wheel and the like. *smile* Though, I may be the only drummer you will ever hear of who looses herself in the song and thereby looses the beat, not the best drummer. *smile* Also, I am a left handed drummer, looks funny in a drum line. *smile* The super hero story was great! Gives me a few ideas for what I may be in for with our son. He's six now, so right up his alley. *smile* He asked to video tape himself the other day. The baby bunny entry was very cute! Once again I am with you, I think you all were in a giddy mood that day. Great pictures! Oh, I missed responding to the water overrun there...those were some neat pictures. It's another one of the natural wonders that show the Father's power and grace. Have a great day and sorry it's been so long since I stoped by. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!


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