Monday, October 26, 2009


Just popping in to share pictures of our first snowfall. It was actually like a week ago, just to show you what a terrible blogger I am! But Stephen and Michael got some pretty cool pictures and I wanted to share.

So, lets take a little walk around the farm, just like the boys did that morning...

You'd start by seeing Theresa coming in with the milk...

Next you'd see Willie and the other calf's eagerly awaiting their breakfast...
You'd see the apple tree all covered with snow...

As well as the front porch...

And our maple trees in full color with a layer of snow on them!

Oh, and take a glance at the back pasture...

It's all melted now and we haven't seen anymore since. The kids were sure excited tho! Johnny wouldn't even stop to eat breakfast that morning, he had to run out and throw snowballs at the boys while they did their farm chores. Later, Mom went outside for something and he promptly called: "Mom, do you want me to hit you with a snowball?!"  

Well that's all I have time for right now. I'll 'talk' to you all later!

Pretty isn't it? I love living down a dirt road...


  1. Living down here in south Louisiana we see neither pretty colored leaves or snow. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. I live through you lucky northerners, lol...........Kitty

  2. The calf is soooo cute!

  3. hey, ya i haven't been on either with work and drivers ed then you throw school in there LOL. thats about how much snow we got to well i just thought i would leave a comment ttyl bye. stephen

  4. Good day, I just discovered your blog and it is beautiful. It sure shows how much you love your family and your homesteading life. I am looking forward to our first snow fall. Funny to see snow with apples on the tree.

    Blessings to you dear sister in Christ.



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