Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100th blog post GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hello Everyone!!

 Sorry for taking that little vacation without warning... I didn't realize I was going to, but I did enjoy it!! Anyway, I'm back, and we're celebrating one hundred posts on this blog! My celebration is including a Homestead Daughter quiz and a giveaway!

We'll start with the giveaway. We will be giving away some of Stephen's fantastic photography (as seen on my blog) in high quality, poster size photographs for first and second place prizes. First place is a 14'' x 11'' poster size and 2nd place is 8'' x 10'', mailed to your door! Is there a place on your wall that is calling for color? Maybe this will be the answer! I'll be contacting the winners with an album of pictures to choose from, but don't let it limit you! If you saw it on this blog, you could choose it. Thanks for all your reading!

Now, to have your name entered in the giveaway, you must complete the quiz (bellow) and post your score (along with your name) in a comment on this post. Simple enough? Good luck!

A Homestead Daughter
1) Our cows are all named after:___
movie stars

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Finally, I want to thank my family for all their help on this blog. It wouldn't be the same without Annie's proofing, Andrew's computer-tech mind, Stephen's, and all the kids', photography, and the support and approval of my parents. Lastly, I want to thank YOU for taking the time to pause your day and read up on our adventures as a homesteading family. My hope in keeping this blog is that, through your computer, you can tap into the peace that radiates off this homestead. God bless you!



  1. This is Aunt Mar and I can't believe I only scored a 70... I think it's not fair that your mom got to play,,,if she didn't score a 100 I would have to wonder~ Congrats on the 100th blog...I so enjoy them

  2. Wow this is awesome Mary!!

    That quiz was so fun ( and I am afraid a bit too easy for me after having stayed with you guys. :) I got 100% ( but of course..)

    This was really great for the 100th post.


    (Oh and I love the music ;)

  3. i got 80 i got where donna was born (i put into my arms) and which horse is blind i think i put susie ? (i didn't know that that lady horse was blind : )) ) one of my dad's favorite singers is johnny denver that's pretty cool well talk to you later.


  4. I got a 90, I got the one about the blind horse wrong, I put Lena istead of Lady, then I said all of the above about when Donnie was born. I was close though:) see how much I know about you:)

    This was fun, thanks a lot!


  5. TwoLittleBlessingsJuly 31, 2009 at 12:02 PM

    Congratulations on your one hundreth post. I didn't take the quize as I am a fairly new reader, but the pictures are fantastic. I wish you all the best in you life there on the farm with your family, the decisions that you have had to make and changes you all have endured are intreaging and I thank you for sharing them with all of us. I did read about your blind horse (how dear she is to you), your baby sister and how she transformed the entire family, the new fole (your sisters'), and I enjoyed the photo compatition between your dad and brother a while back. *smile* So, I have read some, but not enough to compete with those who know you best. *smile* Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy those gorgous pictures. I really like the vibrant colors and the contrast with the moon and the house. Have a great day knowing God loves you. Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)

  6. I got 90 -- I think I should have done better! I see this is a pretty tough competition. :)


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