Friday, June 5, 2009

Look what we found last night!!!

Please welcome the farm's latest addition: Lena's first little baby!He is simply adorable, and being full Icelandic pony, he's tiny! 
Taking a nap, the picture of sleeping serenity:
Theresa was awoken around 2:30 last night, and, shining a flashlight out of the window, this little guy was immediately spotted. Theresa walking around as proud as Lena today!
He shares his Mom's dun stripe and multicolored tail.
Welcome little buddy!


  1. How sweet!! Love the picture story. Thanks for sharing. So cute.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  2. So adorable! I just had a kidding about a week ago, and I need to post about it, but I dont think anything can compare with that cute little guy!

    God bless and God be with,

    -Sarah Daisy

  3. Oh, sooooo soft and beautiful! I still remember the fuzzy calf a few years ago. You have such handsome animals. Pet that new fellow for me!

    Mrs. M

  4. it looks so funny and fuzzy LOL thanks for the pics to : ) we i can feel my arm now and now that the bike is gone we have been using our pedel bike : (( (i pulled a wheelly all the way down the hill : )) )


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