Monday, June 15, 2009

Precious New Life

I've been wanting to make a post about 'the precious' (as we call her) and the new life she's spread into our family. Exactly how she's affected us. Because Johnny was already 5, a lot of us figured Mom was done with that baby birthin' chapter of her life. Of course, us girls especially, were still very hopeful, but I think honestly, I never imagined another one. Mom was 44. I was rather resigned to the fact that Johnny would be our baby, even though nobody had every said as much. And It wasn't until we were settled into our new home that Mom found herself feeling good enough to conceive another pregnancy. I'll never forget the day, April 10th 2008 (Lizzy's 9th birthday), when Mom and all of us girls sat huddled around a pregnancy test in the kitchen watching with stunned faces as the little plus sign appeared. There was laughter, tears and joking from everyone for about an hour afterwards. For the next few months, I couldn't look at Mom the same, knowing that she was growing my sibling in her womb. Actually, I believe she did look different. Motherly describes it best. With Johnny being 5 we were getting used to feeling like an older family, when we'd go out especially. Mom was getting more active as the new house had her feeling better and I was getting used to her being like a friend or another sister, joining in our games, and etc. like she would. Now, with the new life on the way, suddenly the whole house was in a stir. Not only Mom, but everyone was protective of Mom's growing womb. We loved to sit next to Mom during the evening rosary and feel the first little kicks. We loved her (and yes, we were sure it was a "her" all along) soo much in the womb that it really drove home the ugliness of abortion to our family. The birth, of course, was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Catching her in my arms and suddenly strongly sensing the life in her tiny little body totally stunned and paralyzed me for a few moments (until she peed on me). Watching Mom hold her baby, did something to all of us as we witnessed her strong protective and loving motherliness at it's most visible state. Seeing my big strong Dad hold a baby with such gentleness, and realizing he held me the same way when I was that small was really stunning. She, little Donnie Marie, brought out the softness of my brothers and the sweetness of my sisters and the self sacrificing of every family member. It really seems like the individual needs to witness those deepest emotions in their parents and siblings, it's such a renewal and a refreshment in the family--that new life. A lot of people must have felt like we had enough life in our family already, in fact that was kind of my impression, too, when I summarized that we were done with babies in the back of my mind. But now that we have our precious I can see that we were so dry before. Mom saw it too, and even commented that she almost regrets waiting on her health to conceive again, when she saw what it did to our family. I believe God knew what He was doing when He designed a family to have all types of life right smack in the middle of it. From the Grandparents down to the toddlers and infants, (replaced by nieces and nephews once Ma was too old ). It's so easy to forget just how rejuvenating it is to have a baby in the household when you haven't had one for awhile. Once it's laying in your arms you find yourself wondering how you made these past years without one. I think, more than anything, that babies bring an incredible amount of grace with them into a family, as they are so pure and innocent--fresh outta heaven as they are. A live little angel cherub right in the center of the family. Thank you, thank you, thank you God, for Donna Marie! Our little precious.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those pictures, you guys!! Stephen is doing such a great job with the shots! My favorites are the first one in the hat and the other one on her tummy in the hat! Too cute!!! Yes, Mary I agree with you that God is so generous in giving us new life!! It really helps us to realize the preciousness of each person!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Jamie Ferguson


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