Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zest for Life!

This morning as I sat holding baby Donna and watching outside as everything slowly lit up from the rays of the rising sun, I was pondering new life and all that it entails. I think it is the surest visible sign that we have of Gods great love and mercy toward our human race.

I think lots of things probably added up to this feeling, but to name a few...

 Maybe it was because I was looking down at our new infant with immense gratitude, thinking over the changes that her new life had made in our family.

Maybe it was because I was watching the sun rising, wondering which snowbank it would take down today.

Maybe it was because I'd been thinking about how much I love spring. How every animal and child has been reacting in giddy anticipation of the incoming warm weather.

Maybe it was because we've been planning our gardens and greatly anticipating the taste of fresh new growth from the soil.

Maybe it was because we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of new baby animal life in several of the pens.

Maybe it was because I'd just yesterday noticed the tans returning to the sun kissed cheeks of my siblings.

Maybe it was all the renewed energy that I've been witnessing in the kids and animals. How the projects are all getting completed with energy enough to still run around and play at dusk.
Maybe it was because I saw the other day that my early spring flowers are coming  up, their hardly little green stems forging their way through the dead growth.

Maybe it was the way I recalled Johnny running up to me yesterday to tell me in great detail the awesome somersault he was practicing in the yard.

Maybe it was the funny memory of Stephen last night, taking on a dare to ride Buttercup, our old cow, who had a bad case of spring fever.

Maybe it was the kids working with their ponies and the rewarding satisfaction they've been experiencing on their ponies first rides in the pasture.
Maybe it was the lingering sweet taste in my mouth from the fist batch of maple syrup that we had enjoyed on our pancakes the previous morning.

Maybe it was the soreness in my muscles as they, like I, have to readjust to the physical spring work.

Maybe it was the aftereffects from the leisurely pony ride I had enjoyed on a calm Sunday evening.

Maybe it was the anticipation of learning new things, as we certainly are with all the new projects going on this spring. From bees coming in the mail, to a rusty plow, unexperienced mule and an open field, to a large cow hide awaiting tanning.

Maybe it was a share in the excitement Mom had enjoyed while placing a large order for garden seeds yesterday.

Maybe it was the gorgeous sky last night as the sun sank behind the trees or the huge bright full moon that rose on the other side of the pasture.
Maybe it was the new garden beds being dug and the fresh smell of soil along with the first sightings of little wiggly worms.

Maybe it was the all the plans floating around in my head, yet a strong underlining  peace about everything needing to be done.

Maybe it was little Donnie's bare toes that I was playing with in my hand, remembering her birth and the great excitement I had.

Maybe it was the thought of Easter coming and my great thanks toward Him, for all He did and does for me and for His promise of new life that He showed us in His resurrection from death.

Simply, maybe it was the promise of a new day by His allowing the sun to rise yet again and the promise of a new spring by His allowing new life to cover the earth again.

Lord I just wanted to say, thanks for the grace You gave me this morning and thanks for today.


  1. Thank you for your beautiful post, Mary! New life IS a beautiful thing, whether it be a newborn baby, or spring's first flowers, or a baby calf or foal. Holy Week is one of the best times to think about the life that Jesus bought for us with His own blood. Thank you for your post and for helping us remember what a blessing life is! :-)

    Oh yes, and I LOVE all of your dolls and crafts in the last entry!!! You all are very talented!

    Love in Christ,

    Vicki :-D

  2. ... I am speechless! That was so beautiful it almost made me cry. Thank you for reminding us all to take a special gratitude in all that is happening in our lives and the new life that is happening around us and within us!

    Thank you so much!

    P.S. Nice title too... ;)

  3. Hi there! I'm a lurker (found your site through my church in Michigan) but have been following your blog for some time... I had a question for you about your toys. Is there any way to get in touch with you? I'd love it if you could drop me a line... My address is c y b e r j o u r n a l i s t @ h o t m a i l . c o m

    Many thanks!!!! BERNADETTE

  4. wow nice post : ) it's wierd seeing stephen in a picture he's the one that usually takes them. by the way say happy birthday to lizzy for me she's like 8 now i think ? ttyl bye

  5. you can type ip address locator on google and it will give you several. I used this one today.

    My shy anonymous follower is actually my brother who forgot to sign his name... either that or his wife.. who is shy. It's sort of joke to make a big deal about it :-)

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