Friday, February 20, 2009

Pictures of our Precious Princess

Proudly showing off some more pictures of my sweet little sister:

Breaking news! Our baby has become smiley!

It was easily determined that she has Annie's tongue...

Curious as to what she would look like with hair? Theresa's hair 'filling in' (pun intended! ).

Annie, Theresa and I each had to make her a hat:

Yes, we're very much enjoying having a little princess to dress up.

Cute as some of these pictures are, they far from capture her innocent sweetness. You have to hold her to experience that. She's such a doll, quite literally. She's very cuddly and fits into your arm perfectly. We are just loving having a baby to snuggle again!

(Sorry for the delay in posting there... I'm getting ya all prepared for Lent when I will (hopefully) be on the computer less!)


  1. Aaaaawwwww!!!! "Fasting" from pictures of little Donna Marie will be penance indeed. ;-) All of her hats are so cute, and I especially love the one with the pink band and flower... almost looks like a wee 1920's style "flapper" hat. Very sweet, thank you for putting up pictures. We will hopefully be seeing ya'll soon!

  2. ya that's ok (you guys have alot of work up there ; ) ) well gtg ttyl bye.


    Keep watch... your cabin glow photo is up next for painting ... visit one log at a time for updates!



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