Friday, October 17, 2008

A Wonderful Fall

I have been having such a wonderful fall. I feel so much joy, just from one walk around the homestead... It's incredible. Simple joy of the purest kind. The interaction I witness my siblings sharing, (and I share with them), the gorgeous fall scenes we've been privileged with, the oh-so-peaceful animals... it all adds up to what I hope heaven is! When I see something gorgeous, from a leaf to an evening sky, it's instant, living, real proof for me that God exists. Every aspect of the creation seems to glow with the message that He is real. It's easier for me to feel His nearness here, on the homestead, than anywhere else. In the simple slow living, it's so easy to tap into that pulsating peace vibe that runs through the farm. Thank You SO much Lord!!!!! May I never take my vision off Your path! 

Instead of posting the pictures from the last week individually, I decided to try putting up a little pictorial slideshow instead. Let me know how this works for you. These pictures are mainly about the two youngest that I saw marching off into the woods with big rakes the other day, and what they did out there. (Stephen followed them with his camera when they went out the next day, so you can see.) Some other pictures got in there, too . There was just so many pretty ones this week! 

(Make sure your volume is on! )


  1. Beautifully done, Mary. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. :o)

  2. I don't know why, but it didn't I couldn't see it. :'( Maybe I'll try again later, it sounds beautiful though. :)



  3. It didn't download for me either - Aunt Mar

  4. Hmm, I wonder why... You clicked the little 'on' triangle and nothing happened? um... Andrew help! lol. You aren't the only computer illiterate ladies out there!! ;-)

    Thanks for reading/watching/trying to watch, anyway! :-)

  5. It was lots of fun getting a comment from you. :) I have been meaning to come by more often, but with school, GGM, the animals, and home it's been busy around here too!

    Everyone here is just peachy. My grandma moved up here at the beginning of the month. She is living in our used-to-be school house.

    Yeah, I should change my picture, but I have to resize it, and I always get it wrong, and then I get frustrated! LOL. Oh well, I guess you can always search for me. Altho I will try to get another picture. :)

    Yes, the goats are very cute, esp. the little girl. Altho, she is a snob to the big mommas - she acts like she's in charge! lol like all goats, I suppose. No, the sick goat is living in our office right now. He has gotten better, but not fully healed yet. :( We have to take him down to feed every four hours. Pain in the backside.

    I can't wait for that rabbit post. Let me know when you get it up!

    I wish we had stuff to harvest, but we didn't have much of a garden this year because of vacation. I AM going to be planting a LOT of stuff next year... I want to can lots of veggies.

    Oh, wow, you guys ARE busy! LOL or productive, whichever you choose. We get hay whenever we need it, really, never really stored up so to speak. But we probably need to. I would love to come and help chop the fire wood. I have wanted a fireplace ever since we moved into our 100-year-old house. A wood stove too, but like that will happen with the girls!

    So, you got a big job with the horses? Wish I could help ya! That would be a fun experience. Lots of sewing to do, eh? That will keep you busy.



  6. sorry i wasn't able to check you blog all week we had championships all week : (


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