Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Hike

Last Sunday we showed Jules one of our favorite hiking spots. And because Mom decided to stay home and take a nap, we got to go all the way to the top! (Too scary for a mother I suppose.)

Heading up the hill.

This was once a quarry for the county. Now it's as abandoned as the National Forest that surrounds it.

Getting higher. This would be your view if you were to cast a sideways glance.

Whalla! The world at your feet and the clouds in your face.

Little Lizzy experiencing and contemplating the vastness of her world.

After a rest, we explored the left side of the 'hill' by walking through the woods.
Much to our creeped-out-ness, the ground sounded hollow beneath our feet, as though we were walking on a drum. An old mine bellow us was our only guess (and if that's not it, I'd rather not know).

This is the left side. I love the three green 'knuckles' rising out of the right side of the horizon.

After more resting, throwing rocks and a suicidal paper airplane, we went back to explore the bottom a little.

Andrew shows exactly where we were.

We played around a bit, tossing rocks, catching frogs, picking strawberries and finding small wildlife.
This is a little freak of nature in itself; two butterflies attached together. At first we thought they were just mating, but looking closer, they were really attached and in fact, the lower one was dead.

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