Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

I realized something yesterday; Father's Day isn't any different then any other ordinary Sunday for us. Every evening this whole past week, Dad has either played ball with the boys, gone bike ridding with Johnny, or played volley ball with all of us. Two Sundays ago, he took us all fishing and showed us how to properly cast and hook worms and stuff.

Dad showing off our only catch.
(Really pathetic... it's his plastic bait).

Playing volleyball at the net in town.

This week he's been working on the cabin foundation with the boys as well as picking up loads of wood, helping Stephen build a garden fence, working with Andrew on the fascia around the house, driving us girls into town to plant flowers at the church and repairing bikes.

Working on the cabin's foundation posts.

This Sunday (in lieu of Fathers Day and the fact that Jules will be leaving soon) we went hiking in the Porcupine Mountains 15 min. away. (As well as playing more volleyball when we got home.)

This is a trail overlooking Lake Superior in the Porkies.

Resting on the rocks in the Nonesuch River.

A Nonesuch Fall.

Our family photo.

Now for the most interesting part of our hike:
The remains of the old Nonesuch Mining town from the 1800's. These huge foundations are made of rock, expertly fitted together with crumbling mortar between them.

As you can see, this one is almost 40ft. tall (compare my 6' brother at the base).

These foundations are situated near the river where they got their power. At it's peak, the village had 12 houses, a General Store, Post Office, Stage Coach and their own uniformed Baseball team. Now, it's nothing but crumbling foundations in an overgrown forest. A strange feeling...

Anyway, ending Fathers Day with a gorgeous evening sky.


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