Sunday, June 29, 2008

Faulty Laundry Machine

 We had a problem with the little engines in our new outdoor laundry machine the other day. They seem to go faulty, primarily in the warmer weather... Stomping laundry turned into a full blown water fight. Water was flying everywhere, followed by screams and scramblings for the hose. The dirty laundry sat unattended for awhile, but it was finished with haste when we realized we could refill the tub and swim/bathe in it. Our shower has been undergoing some maintenance lately so it felt good to submerge in the chilly well water. We brought out a bar of soap and laughed at each other as we took turns washing our hair.

(As you probably guessed, that last entry was a photoshop job )

We have plans to turn this tub into a hot tub as soon as we can gather our supplies. The plans we have include cobbing around the sides of the tub and building a fire under it. I have read through the plans several times and we can wait to get started on it. Late night, outdoor winter bathing, here we come!!

As a closing note, I wanted to inform my readers that I'm creating a list of people who would like to receive automatic updates whenever I make a new post. If you would like to be on the list just let me know and I'll add your email. Thanks for reading!

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