Saturday, June 28, 2014


Summer is finally here, as is evident from such things like sunburn, watermelon, volleyball and long evenings (no swimming yet though--Lake Superior is sooo cold this year!)

Last night, after the chores, volleyball and badminton, we lounged around and watched a big storm roll in.

Other summery goodness....


and cat babies.

Flowers, never too many...

Playground. Was it only last year our Donna was too afraid to go down these bigger slides??

Wet puppy...

Horses on pasture. Lizzy loves these two...

Happy summer! Eat a watermelon for me--a whole one--all by yourself! ;)


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  1. This looks like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and sounds like it as well. I'm actually in the center of the U.P. between Marquette and Escanaba. I just love it.


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