Saturday, February 2, 2013

Game Night in an Igloo

Hey Lovely Readers!!

 Sorry for my silence. Thankfully, I have finished writing my book (though the huge task of editing lies ahead) and a faster computer is coming to replace my very sluggish current one (which makes blogging a real bear). So, those two obstacles overcome should result in your hearing from me more often in the upcoming weeks! Are you happily smiling or grimacing and groaning at that news?? ;)

Anyway, I have some sweet pictures to share, of my silly siblings crafting a giant igloo and proceeding to play their nightly game of "the Settler's of Catan" out in it in it's a toasty 40 degree dome. T-shirt weather of course! ;)

Sorry for the crummy pic quality and crummy background. The mobile is a sore sight for pretty eyes!

A really warm day with very packy snow spurred the inspiration for this project.

Shovelfuls of snow produced solid bricks for building with (note Andrew's head inside).

 It froze the next day and is now a solid structure in the front yard, probably until spring...

Just tall enough for Andrew to stand in and 7 kids to play a board game inside.

Passing bricks inside to finish off the top.

The board game was Mike's Christmas present and it still sees nightly use (I can hear them playing as I type). Some blankets and cardboard base for the game made the inside cozy!

Shelf for the lantern--the only light needed when the surface is so reflective!

Shoes left out in the entryway tunnel.

Creepy cat says 'thanks for droppin by' and Annie says 'peace out ya-all!'

How it looked the next morning with a dusting of overnight snow...

Have you ever built an igloo??


  1. How cool!!! My brother and I made a small one years and years ago, but I couldn't fit in it..only he could. He was about 5 and I was 12. By the time we realized we were making it too small, it was too late to change it.

  2. Mary, please don't apologize for your absence, I really enjoy all your posts.

  3. Love it! I called my 5 yr old over to take a look. We live where snow is rare and he immediately asked where you were so he could come play in the snow!


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