Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stroking Creativity and Brush

Hey All!

Dad just walked through the living room and paused, mug of tea in hand, to study some of the kid's recent artwork. With a proud grin, he commented how neat it is that our family goes through these random phases of creativity together. 
This most recent phase has been one expressed with brush and paint:



Myself (blush):

 Lizzy again:

And again, Lizzy:

And again, Lizzy:
(As you can see, creativity comes freely to her and she has cultivated a hand that grows a scene with rapid ease.)

And me, again:

As I've said before, I believe our family is living a lifestyle that cultivates creativity, but I think it also helps that we live together as a family to spurn on these 'creative phases' communally. Just like we did with our family story writing phase. 

Donna actually started this latest one, begging me to paint with her and when I asked her why, she said she wanted to make a get well card for her friend who wasn't feeling well. I really couldn't refuse her after that could I? ;)

 With the supplies out all over the table, the creativity, paint and mess are all flowing strong right now! I love it. :)

I'm a believer that every person is an artist, because there are as many kinds of art as there are people. 

There is no such thing as a bad painting, there are only different tastes in art. 

And flowing free on a breeze of inspiration, with paintbrush in hand, is so exhilarating to the mind!!

If you think this kind of 'creativity stroking' is something you and your family members could benefit from, but feel self conscious or stifled, I'd suggest hosting a family painting night and overcoming yourself with the support of family. If your ideas are slow coming, you can look at pictures online or even fill a jar with things to paint and have everybody pick one: "a rainbow," "a butterfly," etc. Remember: there is no such thing as an ugly butterfly when it materializes through the mind and brush of a unique and beautiful person! 

You can feel good in the knowledge that you are stroking your inner creative artist with every swipe of your brush and who knows--you may be harboring a locked up artist who has been just waiting to come out and express your unique self with a creativity you didn't know you had! 
Either way, I encourage you to try and let him out. ;)


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