Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Follow-Up on an Awesome Gift..

Hey everybody! Andrew here.. I decided to do a follow-up on the handmade Christmas gift I received from Mary (technically it was from all of the girls, but this was really Mary's brainchild..) As you may recall it was an awesome cymbal-clock "kit", made from a poor discarded, badly cracked and otherwise useless cymbal of mine. I say "kit", because it was malfunctioning after being subjected to the rough Christmas wrapping and de-wrapping process, and needed a bit of reassembly. I think Mary felt a little bad about giving a "faulty" gift, but honestly, some of my favorite gifts have been kits and if she had just presented it as one I would have never been the wiser.
Anyway, it's working great now, and was such a clever idea for someone who is admittedly very difficult to make for, that I just had to share some pics. Maybe you can turn some of your own junk into a useful piece of wall art!
Mary used a couple of my broken sticks for the hands. She simply flattened them and glued them to the original hands, which conveniently pop off the shaft pretty easily.

As you can see, she had plenty of broken sticks to choose from, and I never noticed a couple missing. I've used them to make coat hooks before, so this is actually the second time I was glad I didn't throw them away!

So, here's the finished product. Originally there were no numbers and it looked a little more classy, but I could never tell what the time was at a glance... I thought about chopping up more stick tips and gluing them around the edge in place of the numbers, but ended up taking the lazy way out. What do you think--does it have a kind of raw-resourceful-utilitarian style, or is it just cheesy?

The heart of the clock was stripped from a dollar-store special and super-glued in place. The gorilla tape and cord make a sturdy hanger.

Aaand here it is, gracing the wall over our antique mixing board. Pretty sweet, methinks.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. perty sweet methinks too. and yeah, i woulda needed numbas as well. very ingenious indeed!


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