Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mary has a new little lamb!

 Mary has a new little lamb, her fleece is amazing; rolly polly.
She's a CVM, her name is Jolie.

She lived far away and had to come home, bringing her tail behind her.
Some wish it was Mary who went, but it was actually Theresa they sent.

Theresa could only groan as the loud sheep went Baa Baa Baa all the way home.

Now whenever you have a lamb in a nice new car, the lamb is sure to go...

Baa Baa Bad sheep, with all the nice wool, pooed in the car on the way home.

...which was against the rules.


You've never seen such a sight in your life, Theresa was about ready to use a carving knife...


When at last home that night, all the children laughed to see such a sight, because...

Hey Diddle, Diddle, Mary's little lamb wasn't so little, stuffed in a tiny bin tight as a fiddle!

Needless to say, the arrived home none to soon...

...and the fork ran away with the spoon. :)

I love my new lamb, she's perfect!

(p.s. More updates coming, of the less creative, more coherent, sort. Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Great post! It made me smile to realize that I'm not the only one who brings critters home in probably inappropriate vehicles. At least last time, the goat was in a large dog crate in the back of the explorer.


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