Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Closet Find...

The other day, I was digging through the top shelves of the linen closet in search of a backdrop for yet another photo shoot to show off some newly crafted items for the shops. Needless to say, I didn't find anything for the photo shoot, but I did come across this blanket that we made several years ago with Mrs. M. If my young memory isn't failing me, we made it for Mom as a Mothers day gift... (or was it her birthday?? Oh dear. Perhaps we should have dated it!)

Anyway, it was fun to study after not having seen it in awhile. This is a really special quilt, so we  aren't sacrificing it to everyday use, but I wish we had a wall big enough to display it on!
I do remember that little nine year old, perfectionist Theresa stitched Dad's hair and beard, as well as many of the boy's hair in her fine little stitches, which will eternally surpass mine.Photobucket

This was such a fun project. I remember trying to capture each siblings personality. Micheal's character, for example, has big ears in a playful jibe towards his then big ears (his head must have grown some, because they don't seem big anymore).

My favorite part of all our quilting projects together, is when we would carry the nearly finished blanket into the living room and sit on the floor in front of the fire place and stitch the binding while we chatted and visited with Mrs. M. :) My only regret was that, with each stitcher on a side of the quilt, the job was always finished way to quickly. :)
We have a picture of little Theresa wearing an outfit just like this one and she happened to be wearing braids in the picture, so she was given them in her stitched character as well.
With the new addition of Donna to the family, I'm thinking this would be a good time to haul this quilt over to Mrs. M's and visit while doing a little revising. ;) Unfortunately, we live too far away for that to be an easy option, but it's a lovely thought on a snowy afternoon anyway! :)

This afternoon, I spent some time holed up in my room working on a colorful little quilted wall hanging inspired by Mrs. M. :o)

Until next time...


  1. Maybe stitch Donna onto a pillow cover to go with the quilt? Great job by the way...I can't believe a nine year old did the hair!

  2. This is just the cutest thing I ever did see..what talent!! I have to say I do like Natalie's idea of a pillow case.

  3. Oh, I had forgotten about that wonderful project.

    You girls are so talented.

    I second the idea of coming back to make a pillow case!

    Thanks for the happy memories. Mrs. M


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