Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What We've Been Up To, Pictorially...

Howdy from a white and snowy North!

 I thought I'd letcha guys in on what has been keeping the kids busy these snowy cold days. After all, what does a big homeschooled family, living quite remotely, find to do all day (and winter) long on their homestead? Well, I think I'll let these pictures and all those smiles speak for themselves. :)

Cute or what? Those two make the most adorable bookends when they ride their mules together! :)

Nothin' cuter than long ears at sunset...
Okay, now the younger kids want a crack at the fun!

 Even the kitty got a ride!

 The younger ponies look forward to the day when they can get ridden out too!
 This is Perla, our half Icelandic. I love the fuzzy coats and long manes on the Icelandic crosses! They're such beautiful little creatures. Lizzy and Perla have become quite good friends and enjoy spending lots of time together romping in the pasture. They're pretty cute together. :)
Going through my archives, I just found the post announcing Perla's birth. It has some neat pictures and it's cool seeing how she changed as she's growing up. Check out that old post HERE. 

Oh, and never-fear, our household is being kept quite safe these days! ;)
Well that about wraps it up... I'll be back later to (pictorially) report on what the older kids have been up to these days. While not nearly as cute and fun, it's still interesting and enjoyable, so I'll catch ya later with that update.

Thanks for viewing--please come again soon! :)

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